• The Counseling Initiative

Working in the Grey

We like to work in a grey area-in a world that doesn't like gray areas. But the grey areas are where you find the complexity..it's where you find the humanity and it's ultimately, where you find the truth.

If you already have had the pleasure of meeting Angela and myself, I'm sure you have already gathered the notion that we really....REALLY dislike the black/white mentality and the ever so debilitating "one-shoe-fits-all" treatment approach.

So, what exactly do we base our treatment modality off of then?

We like to consider ourselves "outliers" ...individuals that simply don't really fit into a box or a specific "genre" of treatment. More importantly, we don't expect our clients to either. So, when you hear us talking about the "grey area", here's some ways that we may be different than other treatment providers you have gone to:

1) We utilize a wide variety of holistic approaches to enhance your counseling experience

-Aromatherapy customized for each client

-On-site therapy dogs

-Non-traditional environmental settings

(i.e hiking, sitting outside by a fire pit, virtual etc)

-Office decor that looks like a home rather than an office

-Lighting that produces calming and non-sterile effects (think living room rather than operating room)