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MAT Treatment: A Providers Biggest Stressor

So...you work in MAT treatment. Maybe your a physician, a counselor or even just a receptionist. While our job titles may greatly differ - we all share the same common stress. The constant fear of changing laws and regulations that could put us out of a job tomorrow and leave our clients without treatment. Some of us have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into our practices - all based on the notion of working directly (or in-directly) with MAT treatment. Yet, so many of us feel uncertain, confused and even afraid of what our future holds. The changes seem endless...the new regulations appear limitless...and our sanity is slowly getting diminished.


Buckle your seat belts...the road to recovery is a bumpy one.


I guess I should start this first blog with the basic information...who are we and why should you listen to anything that we have to say. Well, lets start with the easy stuff. Our names are Jessica Schad and Angela Raley. We are both graduates of Waynesburg University and have been in the MAT field for over 10 years....oh, and I mean we have state licenses and fancy and degrees and even our own company, so we are pretty legit (we even have a website: www.TCIpittsburgh.com)

I should also mention that we have built several out-patient MAT offices (mostly cash based because no one who actually wants to make money gets a license-but thats a topic for a different day) and still maintain several contracts with programs that want/need regular "check-ups" (basically, they don't care to keep up with all the new laws and regulations so they pay us to do that and then ensure their program protocols change to ensure compliance)

Regardless of any of that - the primary point of this blog to provide an EASY to read guide that will involve up-to-date news, general office protocol discussions and just about any other portion of MAT treatment that we get asked about throughout our weeks. It will also give an open platform for both professionals and even clients/family members that might have questions about why treatment is the way it is.

P.S - We LOVE hearing questions - so if there is something specific you want to know about - let us know. Don't like posting publicly? No biggie. Shoot us an email: info@TCIpittsburgh.com and we promise not to name drop when we discuss your question!

Stay Tuned!

This weeks discussion: New Regulations Sweeping The South: The good, the bad and how to prepare for whats coming our way.