37% of married/engaged couples reported an increase in overall satisfaction after marriage counseling. Is it a good fit for you?


1) Research your counselor before scheduling - and by research we mean call or email them. Hear their voice. Explain the situation and pa...

Person 1: "Ugh. I think i need to talk to someone"

Person 2: "I have a great therapist if you want their number"

Person 1: "Do you like them?"

Person 2: "Its a love / hate relationship" 

We hear this all the time. So, what exactly is a love / hate relationship, and why wou...

      This seems like it should be relatively simple to keep separate...after all, everyone knows that enabling is "bad" or "counter productive". Yet, everyday we see family after family living in the "flexible area" with their loved ones that are suffering from substa...

       Did you know, at Yale University's library they "rent out dogs" to help student relax and find happiness? Yep, you read that correctly. Just like renting out a book, a student can request to rent one of the several on campus therapy dogs to take for walks or jus...

When Therapy is the Right Choice

When people are feeling really bad, they are in “the hole.” They may be stru

ggling with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, negative core beliefs, trauma, unfinished business with the past, intense emotions, painful relationships, or addict...

February 6, 2018

      Generally when someone seeks out counseling services, it's usually due to some form of uncomfortableness in certain aspects or areas of their lives. Perhaps the marriage is struggling...or the teenage son/daughter is getting "off the right path" or even just feel...

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