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Our Passion Is Your Journey


At The Counseling Initiative, our foundation is built on the belief that support should be comprehensive, flexible and compassionate. As a diverse team of professional counselors and allied staff, we have found that our personal experiences, coupled with formal education, has provided us with a clear vision. Only through individual wellness can a family get well and, in turn, a community get well. Our goal is to walk beside our clients and ease their fears in whatever means best supports their goals.

TCI offers a combination of diverse and unique services that are tailor built for each individual. Creating a comprehensive treatment approach is a shared experience between counselor and client and together, growth and wellness are within reach. The journey of change can create fear and worry - but when you are paired with the right counselor it can make change feel welcoming and supported. The Counseling Initiative is excited and motivated to be that welcoming support! 

What makes TCI different?

We believe in promoting the highest level of personal growth. By providing services that go beyond the traditional setting. We consider ourselves a full-service practice. What does this mean? It means that your TCI counselor is not only dedicated to your mental health, but is also experienced in handling things such as: coordination with other treatment providers,   legal obligations, the school systems and employers. It also means that you will be able to spend your time focusing on you – and not the paperwork, in addition to having a valuable teammate to help navigate you through whatever path your on.    Our goal is to make the process as simple and encouraging as possible, all while providing the utmost level of respect and compassion. 


Never been to counseling before?

What do I do now...

Have you never been to counseling? Are you not sure about what happens when you see a counselor? Yet, you feel stuck and need a change? Identifying the need to make a change is the first step, reaching out for support is the next. 

If you're not sure what you need but you think you may need something, don't just wait and hope things will change. Make an active decision to reach out and see what's available to you. Time is a precious thing and feeling stuck is no way to spend your time. Change can be overwhelming and not knowing what to expect makes that even more difficult. The Counseling Initiative makes every attempt to ease those concerns even before the first appointment. Call today and speak directly with a counselor.  


Have you had a counselor before but you're looking for something different?

We can help!

Counseling is a very personal and intimate experience. Feeling comfortable and safe are two core components. It's important to feel connected, understood and supported during your journey. 

What makes TCI different is the unique collaborative approach to working with each individual. It is through listening, compassion and teamwork that goals are achieved. Counseling is meant to be a shared experience because the individual is the master of their own life. The counselor is designed to be a support and guide along the road to change. The Counseling Initiative takes pride in meeting each individual with a fresh perspective that radiates authentic connected understanding. 

Contact us for more information by filling out the contact information on our home page or emailing us directly!

Where did it start?

Angela and Jessica both received their graduate degrees from Waynesburg University with specialities in Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse. With over 13 years of experience, their approach is interactive, person-centered, trauma-informed, and educational. It is tailored in this direction to give clients and young counselors practical skills to achieve a whole life balance. Angela and Jessica share a strong belief that wellness is a holistic and inclusive state of being and that through organized adjustments, stress-management, and interpersonal relationships the road to fulfillment can be obtained. Through time and experience they have developed a deep passion for educating, training, and advocating for the next generation of counselors. Angela and Jessica dedicate their time to counselor development and professional fulfillment.

Angela enjoys spending time with her husband and children. She is an active person who enjoys hiking, running, fishing, traveling, and going on adventures. 


Jessica dedicates her time outside of work to her daughter and husband. She spends time working and playing on her farm. Jessica has horses, donkeys, and dogs that she showers with love and attentiveness. 


Angela and Jessica have built physician-based rehabilitation programs, provided program consultation assessments and implementation for outside fully operational programs and then ventured out on their own to developed TCI.


TCI was created on the belief that the wellness of individuals improves the wellness of the family unit, which in turn improves the community wellness. Through their education and lived experience they continue to adapt, change, and improve personal and professional development-education.   

TCI counselors utilize a combination of professional education, self-development, professional experience, and continued exploration to best aid their clients. It is through their cohesive approach to counseling that they are able to provide a unique and connected individualized experience within the counseling relationship.

At TCI we are dedicated to treating all individuals with dignity and respect. TCI is passionate and motivated to eliminate stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse. It is through education and awareness that stigma and cultural perceptions change. TCI is committed to bringing those aspects directly to individuals, families and communities.


About Us: Meet The Team
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